FACIAL AREAS £990 (3 treatments & all creams)
BODY AREAS (per area) £1300 (3 treatments & all creams)


Initial Consultation FREE (£1 card authorisation required at time of booking, for £40 charge in event of non-attendance. Notice: From 11th Jan. 2021, there will be a £50 fee for consultations as the 'free' version will be discontinued. The fee can be 100% offset against future treatment purchases.
Further Consultation £150 (optional - generally not required)


Replacement or Extra creams (for larger treatment areas) £20 to £60 depending on the item
Document & Data Retrieval £20 per document requested (subject to Data Protection guidelines)​
Hyperpigmentation Clinic | London, Birmingham, Manchester Hyperpigmentation Clinic | London, Birmingham, Manchester
*Results may vary and are different for each individual. As such, The Hyperpigmentation Clinic cannot guarantee specific or any results.