2 things can happen on a sunny holiday:

1. You may notice on holiday that your pigmentation seems to disappear, then once the tan goes the hyperpigmentation looks worse.

    This is because the tan camouflages the pigmentation and as the tan fades the stubborn pigmentation stays.

2. You may also notice that within 5 minutes of being I direct sunlight your melasma looks noticeably darker.

    This is because free radicals develop and oxidise the existing melanin making it appear darker.  In addition, direct UV can trigger further activation of the melanocytes.

What should you do?

Wear your SPF50 every 2-3 hours on holiday as you may be sweating and so your sunblock is less effective. We have made a video on how to top up sunblock over make up throughout the day (please check our Instagram highlights)

Wear your wide brimmed hat and sunglasses throughout the day

Stay under a canopy for as much of the day as possible

In the evening wear a soothing moisturiser with arnica and aloe vera to reduce inflammation quickly.