1. How do I get an appointment confirmation or amend my booking? What is your late arrival policy?

    Please check your junk mail / spam folder for the automatic confirmation first, then email info@thehyperpigmentationclinic.com for the confirmation to be resent.

    Please give us 5 days notice to move a treatment booking without charge, or 2 days for a consultation booking.

    Same day or ‘less than 24 hour’ cancellation notices will not be valid, and the full balance for the treatment session will be due and payable.

    Arriving more than 10 minutes late will be regarded as a ‘no show’ and the full amount of the treatment cost may still be payable or 1 treatment in your package forfeited. If a free appointment slot is available the same day, we will do our best to fit you in, otherwise we cannot deprive other clients of their allocated time or cause delays to the clinic’s schedule.

  2. What is your refund policy?

    A refund can be given within 7 days of payment. The full amount will be refunded, less the £40 early termination deduction.

    After 7 days of payment, there are strictly no refunds under any circumstances. This applies to however many treatments are purchased. Unredeemed treatments will expire 1 year after purchase. Treatments are non-transferable to other persons.

  3. How should I travel home after treatment?

    You will leave the clinic with the peel mask on, so you should ideally drive back, be collected by car or take a taxi. This is advised to ideally stay in a room temp. environment after treatment for best results.

    If you do take public transport, please return to home/room temp. as soon as possible. Please avoid sun exposure and air conditioning ideally.

    If you are having a body area treatment, please keep movement of the film wrap to an absolute minimum to avoid it becoming loose. Thank you.

  4. I am going on holiday near the time of treatment, should I postpone my appointment?

    You will need to wait at least 14 days after returning from holiday to have the treatment (as you may have received heavy UV exposure). Avoid going on holiday 1 month after your treatment also. Please rebook your appointment accordingly in either case, thank you.

  5. Do I need a priming cream?

    If it is your FIRST treatment on a FACIAL area, yes you will usually be given a pre-treatment priming cream for use 1-3 weeks before treatment. The maximum usage is 3 weeks, not the exact amount required.

    If it is not your first treatment on the face, or a BODY area you are having treated, you DO NOT need to prime the skin again (unless it has been 2+ years since your last treatment).

    You will normally need to stop usage of the primer at least 7 days before your peel treatment. You can stop well before this, 7 days is just the minimum gap.

    If you have stopped your priming cream for any reason, perhaps due to treatment postponement, you can restart the same primer again at a later date and can carry on where you left off rather than start over.

  6. Have I been provided with enough primer?

    You have received the correct amount to apply very sparingly, once a day, just to the hyperpigmented areas (not normal skin) for the specified amount of time.

    For 95% of people, the small thumb jar provide will be enough if used as above, however you can order more by emailing info@thehyperpigmentationclinic.com with your postal address (if you have a much larger than average pigmentation surface area).

  7. What if I have a reaction to the primer?

    A small amount of redness or stinging is normal for a few minutes after application.

    However if you develop a rash, swelling or pain, please wash off the primer (if still applied), check you have followed the written guidelines provided, and email info@thehyperpigmentationclinic.com with details of frequency and amount of usage. Please provide a description of your symptoms and duration.

*Results vary for every client. THPC cannot guarantee specific or any results. Photos shown are for illustrative purposes only, not a predictor of success in each case.