1. What happens if I miss an application of the aftecare creams?

    We ask that you kindly follow the written aftercare plan as closely as possible, however it is normal for cream applications to be missed occasionally. The aftercare program allows for this, as a greater quantity/frequency of cream application is prescribed than is required at every stage.

    If you miss a step, please carry on where you left off, rather than double the usage of product to make up for it. This is important as a larger than prescribed dosage can lead to adverse side-effects.

    There will be no impact on your overall treatment outcomes if you occasionally miss an application. Thank you.

  2. Which moisturiser, sunblock and cleanser do you recommend?

    We recommend only using a gentle, non-exfoliating facewash (such as ‘Simple’ brand)

    Any SPF50 sunblock for the face can be used, as long as it is just a suncream and not a ‘treatment’ product. Suitable products would include the basic SPF50 creams from Nivea or Garnier.

    Please note that invisible spray versions can be irritating on sensitive skin, so the moisturising cream versions are preferred and have better coverage.

    Recommended moisturisers are Cetraben or similar emollient creams every 4-6 hours (if you have dry skin), but any good, non-scented, non-treatment, thick moisturising cream is fine. Well moisturised skin appears brighter and improves the chances of the treatment working for you.

    Also, no other treatment products, vitamin creams, oils, toners, anti-wrinkle creams or exfoliating scrubs can be used in conjunction on the treatment area, thank you.

  3. I am peeling a lot / not at all, is this normal?

    Skin peeling (flaking/shedding) may vary from treatment to treatment and can do so at different rates in different areas. It depends on factors such as skin thickness, dryness, peel penetration, how many treatments you have had etc.

    Either way, the skin is not required to peel for the treatment to work, as the active ingredients penetrate and work deeper under the skin, whereas peeling is superficial.

    Sometimes, clients may peel a lot and for longer than usual, and this is fine also. However, please check you are not using any other exfoliating skin products, and do not pick the skin or apply treatment creams if the skin is raw. Thank you.

  4. I have run out of aftercare creams before the end of the program, what should I do?

    You should have been provided with enough creams to last the full 12 weeks of the aftercare program. This assumes you are using the products at the correct dosage and frequency and have an average sized treatment area.

    If for any reason the amount provided falls short in under 10 weeks of the program, please email info@thehyperpigmentationclinic.com to arrange for more product to be posted to you. Please do not make an unscheduled visit to the clinic for this reason.

    If the amount provided falls short between 10-12 weeks, no further product will be required – you can just pause creams usage until your next treatment (if you are having one). Timings are approximate only and do not need to be exact.

  5. When should I book my next treatment?

    Treatments should be booked at least 12 weeks apart in most cases. It doesn’t need to be exactly 12 weeks, it can be longer, there is no strict time limit.

    Under normal circumstances, the free 3rd treatment should be redeemed within 12 months of purchase of the ‘Buy 2 Get 1 Free’ offer. This has been extended due to COVID-19 however.

    If you have purchased a multiple treatment pack, your next treatment would normally have been booked for you already at your last session, so please check you have received the booking confirmation of this before requesting a new appointment. Thank you.

  6. Can I do other treatments during the aftercare program?

    No other types of treatment or treatment-related products can be used in conjunction with ours, on the same target area, during the 12 week aftercare period.

    Please see the aftercare instructions/restrictions sheet for all the activities/treatments that are not allowed whilst on our program. Thank you.

  7. What if I have a reaction to the aftercare products?

    A small amount of redness or stinging is normal for a few minutes after application.

    However if you develop a mild rash, swelling or pain, please wash off the product (if still applied), check you have followed the written guidelines provided, and email info@thehyperpigmentationclinic.com with details of frequency and amount of usage. Please provide a description of your symptoms and duration. Thank you.

*Results vary for every client. THPC cannot guarantee specific or any results. Photos shown are for illustrative purposes only, not a predictor of success in each case.