Dr Vanita Rattan

Dr Vanita Rattan is one of the leading pioneers of research and treatment of hyperpigmentation-linked skin conditions in people of Asian and African origin.

Dr Rattan qualified from University College London Medical School in 2008 with 2 degrees, her degree in Medicine (MBBS) and a degree in Physiology and Pharmacology (BSc). The title ‘Dr’ is used in reference to her medical degree.

After graduation from Medical School, she spent the next 3 years studying clinical trials for hyperpigmentation treatments and putting together ingredients to reduce melanocyte activity without causing damage to surrounding tissue. Once the products had been created trials for safety and efficacy took place.

She had a family background of cosmeceutical manufacturing which meant the specialist hyperpigmentation treatment could be made to industry standards following EU Guidelines.

All consultations and treatments at the clinic are performed by her team of Aesthetic Practitioners.

Her skincare brands include The Hyperpigmentation Clinic, Dark Circles Clinic, DrVSunglasses and Skincare by Dr V.

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Dr Rattan’s clinic was on Harley Street in the early years, treating thousands of clients globally as the ONLY Doctor who has specialised in one skin condition for one skin type. Since 2018, The Hyperpigmentation Clinic moved location to the flagship Mayfair branch.

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