Moisturix® cream, 24 hour moisturizer - 50ml / 10 weeks supply

It contains an optimal balance of moisturizers, emollients, skin conditioners & anti-oxidants, giving you a soft, supple & even-toned skin. With SPF 25 sun protection.


SunBlockex® SPF50 total sun block - 50ml / 10 weeks supply

Sun Blockex® SPF50 is a moisturizing total Sunblock cream, which offers maximum protection against UVA & UVB rays.

Sun Blockex® SPF 50 contains Titanium dioxide, Octocrylene, Dimethicone, Vitamin E and moisturizing skin conditioners to give total protection against hyperpigmentation.

It also contains natural plant extracts, Hydantoin, Allantoin, which ensure that the skin is well moisturised and doesn’t dry out.

It is a professional strength sunblock which contains both chemical and physical sun filters that:

  • Protects against hyper pigmentation
  • Normal make-up can be worn on top
  • Excellent if undergoing Laser, Micro-dermabrasion or Chemical peels treatment
  • Suitable for children & adults of all skin types


Combination Package - Both creams together for total protection

  • Purchase both items together for £5 off the combined price

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