The World’s ONLY Lip Pigmentation Treatment:

The only options currently available are lip tattoos, laser and peels. These can all inflame the skin and lead to more pigmentation in skin of colour (Olive, Asian & African skin). Our unique 3 step LipX system calms down hyperactive, stubborn melanocytes without irritating the skin.

The Dr.V LipX 3 Step System:

Step 1: LipX Scrub ( 3 night/week) – Gently removes dead, impenetrable keratinocytes (skin cells) for better absorption of active ingredients.

Step 2: LipX Mask (3 nights/ week for 30 mins) – 35% active ingredients to slow down the rate of melanin production in the melanocytes (pigment producing cells)

Step 3: LipX Balm (Every Night) – 25% active ingredients in a soothing balm to continue to reduce melanocyte hyperactivity all night.

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Why Dr.V LipX Treatment?

  • Visible reduction after 6-9 months
  • Long term results as you are retraining melanocytes
  • Designed specifically for skin of colour
  • No down time - night time routine
  • Home care Kit -Can buy online globally
  • Make up can be worn on top
  • Created by Dr Vanita Rattan, The World’s ONLY Pigmentation Specialist for Darker Skin
  • ​5-star rated on FeeFo Independent Reviews

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Lighter Lips...

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The Hyperpigmentation Clinic | London, Birmingham, Manchester The Hyperpigmentation Clinic | London, Birmingham, Manchester

*LIMITED RISK OF SIDE-EFFECTS: dependant on strict compliance with recommended protocols & guidelines provided by the clinic. Temporary redness, irritation, inflammation/mild burn, swelling, spots and post inflammatory hyperpigmention are rare but possible after the treatment and/or the after-creams application, which usually subsides quickly in a few days with the anti-inflammatory cream provided. In less than 1/500 cases, unknown allergic reactions have been reported, and in less than 1/1000 cases, pigmentation can become darker than it started for more than 10-12 weeks.

*Results may vary and are different for each individual. As such, The Hyperpigmentation Clinic cannot guarantee specific results.