The Only Hyperpigmentation Treatment for Ethnic Skin

Classic hyperpigmentation treatments such as Laser, Hydroquinone, Glycolic and TCA peels were designed for lighter pigmentation in Caucasian skin. These treatments can burn the skin and worsen pigmentation in darker skin tones.

Our unique Mandelic acid based formulation is specifically designed for darker skin. Therefore, it is more likely to tackle more stubborn pigmentation and with lower chance of side-effects.

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  • World’s ONLY Specialist Hyperpigmentation clinic
  • The ONLY treatment designed for skin of colour
  • Both face and body treated
  • No down time after first day
  • From only £990 for 3 sessions
  • We treat 1000s of clients annually
  • 5-star rated on FeeFo I​ndependent Reviews
  • ​Consult fee can go towards treatment

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Comparison of Hyperpigmentation Treatments

The Hyperpigmentation Clinic | London, Birmingham, Manchester The Hyperpigmentation Clinic | London, Birmingham, Manchester

*LIMITED RISK OF SIDE-EFFECTS: dependant on strict compliance with recommended protocols & guidelines provided by the clinic. Temporary redness, irritation, inflammation, swelling, spots and post inflammatory hyperpigmention are rare but possible after the treatment and/or the after-creams application. Symptoms usually subside quickly in a few days with the anti-inflammatory cream provided and other remedial protocols. In less than 1/1000 cases, unknown allergic reactions have been reported, and in less than 1/3000 cases, pigmentation can become darker than it started for more than 10-12 weeks. In less than 1/5000 cases, small/mild burns have been observed.

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*Results vary for every client. THPC cannot guarantee specific or any results. Photos shown are for illustrative purposes only, not a predictor of success in each case.