DrVSunglasses - For Prevention & Reversal of Melasma

  • Oversized design gives 100% UV protection to cheekbones, temples & around eyes (unlike traditional frames)

  • Helps to reverse early melasma & dark circles

  • Helps to maintain post cosmetic treatment results

  • Easier than the alternative of constantly reapplying suncream


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Steps for Optimal Hyperpigmentation Treatment Reduction

Step 1

Treatment Aftercare

Complete your 12 week aftercare program exactly as prescribed

Step 2

Cream Protection

Protect your skin around the clock with SPF50 suncream and a good moisturiser, to keep the skin well hydrated

Step 3

Physical Protection

For 100% UV protection of the upper facial skin where melasma is most commonly triggered, a physical barrier is advised, as there are many instances where sunblock alone is not enough.

Key Benefits of DrVSunglasses

Helps to reverse early signs of melasma

Maintains results after cosmetic treatments

Comfortable to wear like normal sunglasses

Maintains results after cosmetic treatments

For round the clock protection, all year long

For Men & Women. Handmade in Italy

It won't stop working without warning like suncream

Looks good with all outfits, hats and headscarves

Prevents dark circles worsening

*Results vary for every client. THPC cannot guarantee specific or any results. Photos shown are for illustrative purposes only, not a predictor of success in each case.