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Hyperpigmentation Treatment Key Benefits

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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. PAINLESS PROCEDURE: The pre-peel mask application may involve a tingling or mild stinging sensation. The main peel mask may feel warm on the skin, and in some cases may feel hot before it is washed off. 

2. PIGMENTATION REDUCTION: Results vary from person to person and cannot be guaranteed. Hyperpigmentation caused by UV damage, Acne or Eczema is the most responsive to our treatment (40-60% reduction per treatment).  

Hyperpigmentation caused by Laser burns or TCA/Glycolic/Hydroquinone treatments are more likely to get 30-40% reductions per treatment and are more likely to require 3 treatments to see a 50-80% reduction.

3. LONG TERM EFFECT:  Removal of existing pigmentation is long term (provided you continue to use adequate daily moisturiser and SPF 50 sunblock). The treatment cannot prevent pigmentation from new sources of skin damage in the future.

4. NO DOWNTIME: After the first day (where you will need to remain indoors with the peel mask on), clients are likely to experience gentle peeling for the next 2-5 days. This may require attention but does not interfere with normal jobs and routines for the vast majority. In very few cases, peeling may be quite heavy so you may need to plan your treatment accordingly if facial appearance is very important for your role or for an event.

5. NO SIDE-EFFECTS: dependant on strict compliance with recommended protocols & guidelines provided by the clinic.

Temporary mild redness, irritation or inflammation is possible after the treatment and/or the after-cream application, which usually subsides quickly in a few days with the anti-inflammatory cream provided. 

How the Treatment Works

Step 4

Post Treatment creams

            (8-12 weeks)

Step 3

Treatment in clinic

               (30 mins)

Step 2

Pre-Treatment cream

              (4 weeks)

Step 1

​   Free Consultation

          (15 mins)