The Hyperpigmentation Clinic of Harley Street

What to Expect

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What happens in the Free Consultation?
We assess if you have hyperpigmentation and if your skin is suitable for our treatment.
We go through the treatment details with you and if you wish to proceed we do a patch test, consent form, provide your prep cream and take payment. We book you in for the treatment 3-4 weeks after your consultation to give you enough time to use the prep cream.

2. Can I have a phone consultation & post the prep creams to me if I live far away?
We are happy to answer any questions and let you know of your suitability for treatment (with a photo), but you would still need to come in to the clinic for the patch test, preparation products and instructions 1 month before treatment should you wish to proceed. Please email to request a pre-consultation feasibility check if unsure the treatment is right for you.

3. Is there any pain or side-effects?
The treatment is painless, at most you will feel tingling and warmth when the mask is applied for a few minutes.
Our treatment has been designed to treat Hyperpigmentation in darker skin where the skin is more sensitive to inflammation and prone to pigmenting. This means our treatment is deliberately gentle on the skin so it doesn’t react and lead to side effects if used correctly.

4. What are the likely post treatment results?
On average we see a 40-60% reduction in Hyperpigmentation after just one treatment.
Results are dependent on 2 factors: 1. How well you adhere to the post-treatment creams plan and 2. How resistant the pigmentation is.

5. How many treatments will I need?
On average, we see a 50% reduction in Hyperpigmentation after just one treatment. Having 2-3 treatments can achieve between 80-100% reduction in Hyperpigmentation. A lot of clients are happy after just one treatment as it means they can wear less make-up and be more confident as a result.

6. What is the treatment procedure?
The skin is cleansed and a special facial applied to prepare the skin. For the treatment, a clear gel mask is applied to the skin. In total this takes about 20-30 minutes. There is no irritation, it just feels warm on the skin.
You leave with the clear gel mask on and wash it off at home between 2-8 hours later (as instructed). Light skin shedding may commence for the next 1-7 days but you can continue normal work and routines.
You will then be given a set of creams to wear for the following 8 weeks. Results are seen after 10-12 weeks of treatment with about a 50% reduction in Hyperpigmentation after one treatment (on average).

7. Which body parts do you treat?
We treat different body areas other than the face including: [Neck, Chest, Upper back, Lower back], [Thighs, Lower legs, Knees, Stomach], [Upper arms, Lower arms, Underarms, Hands, Feet]. The results and procedure on body parts is the same as for the face except you will leave the clinic with the treated area wrapped in cling film to encourage heat retention and to prevent it coming off on your clothes.

8. Does the peel lighten the whole skin?
No, the peel only treats the hyperpigmented area of skin, not the surrounding skin. It does not affect the normal skin cells so will not lighten them. This is not a skin lightening treatment and does not use any bleaching agents.

9. Are the results permanent and can the pigmentation recur?
The treatment will reduce existing hyperpigmentation permanently and results can be maintained through daily use of sunblock and moisturiser afterwards. However, if you do not protect against UV light exposure or incur future skin trauma or inflammation (Acne, Eczema etc), then new hyperpigmentation can develop.

10. Is there Hydroquinone in your products?
There is no Hydroquinone in our products as it can lead to rebound hyperpigmentation.

11. Which skin types do you treat?
Our treatment is suitable for all skin types, but is designed specifically for darker skin tones where traditional treatments can lead to the worsening of pigmentation. Skin type isn't determined by the shade of it's colour but by it's ethnic origin and therefore it's genetic predisposition to pigmentation i.e. a light skinned person of Asian or African descent is still likely to develop hyperpigmentation.

12. Your treatment is more expensive than off-the-shelf products, why is this?
We use higher concentrations of high quality active ingredients which are clinically proven to reduce hyperpigmentation. This proprietary formulation is very costly to produce.
There are also 6 different products and stages of treatment, of which 5 are not publicly available for sale and are for professional use only.
These 6 components, together with their expert application by experienced practitioners, increase the effectiveness and hence the value of the treatment considerably.
A simple off-the-shelf cream can only have superificial and temporary results at best, in most cases they are totally ineffective.
In summary, our treatment cannot be compared on the basis of price with other products as they are of an entirely different quality, complexity and effectiveness.