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"Being complimented on my skin feels great"

Surinder's hyperpigmentation was a more severe case. The first treatment reduced visibility of the dark patches by 60-70%, and the second peel eliminated it almost entirely.

She said: 'I started getting black marks on my cheeks and was concerned after getting progressively darker. I tried many products but nothing seemed to work so I was sceptical about the new treatment offered by this clinic. But now i'm really pleased with the results and don't have to wear as much make up. Being complimented on my skin feels great'

"excellent results are seen from just one session"

Denise, a London Beautician had been concerned about hyperpigmentation on her face caused by sun damage over the years. She wasn’t sure of the best way to clear it but heard that Mandelic peels were the best chemical peels for darker skin types. She chose to have her treatment at The Hyperpigmentation Clinic of Harley Street as the Mandelic peel used also has additional skin brightening ingredients that treat the new skin cells being formed to give long lasting results. She said: ‘My skin has improved greatly since doing the peel and I am very pleased with the results. There is much more skin clarity and i’ve noticed my pores have also minimised. I would certainly recommend this treatment as excellent results are seen from just one session.’

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"My dermatologist said there was nothing that could be done"

I tried everything and was ready to give up hope at ever having my Hyperpigmentation removed. My dermatologist told me that there was nothing that could really be done for this resistant condition and that I should just embrace the skin I had. This is when I came across The Hyperpigmentation Clinic online.

I went in hoping they could clear my skin and just give me my confidence back. Dr Vanita Rattan was very honest and made it clear she thought I'd need 2 treatments to see the results I wanted due to the . I took up the 3 for 2 offer at the clinic at the time and my skin looks much clearer now, I'm a big advocate for The Hyperpigmentation Clinic and how they helped me. Thankyou!
The Hyperpigmentation Clinic of Harley Street