The Hyperpigmentation Clinic of Harley Street


The Only Specialist
Hyperpigmentation Clinic for Asian, African & olive skin tones, worldwide

* 'No Side-effects' is dependant on strict compliance with recommended guidelines provided by the clinic.

A small amount of mild, temporary redness & irritation is possible after the treatment and/or the after-cream application, which will subside quickly .

Why The Hyperpigmentation Clinic?

  • The World's ONLY Specialist Hyperpigmentation Center
  • Treatment designed for skin of colour
  • Visible pigmentation reduction per treatment
  • Both face and body treated
  • No down time after first day
  • From only £395 plus £100 for creams
  • We successfully treat over 1000 clients per year
Comparison of Hyperpigmentation Treatments
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Types, Tips & Treatments

Effective Hyperpigmentation removal, time after time....

The ideal treatment 

for darker skin

Our products are specifically designed for Asian, African and olive skin, which is more ​sensitive and has darker hyperpigmentation.

Common treatments like Laser, Glycolic and TCA peels can cause Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH) in darker skin, 
​so should be avoided.

Our unique Mandelic based peel cannot cause PIH, in addition It normalises the hyperactive pigment producing cells
Effective Results
Visible reduction in pigmentation
with our treatment